3.1 Fees
      Training & Development
      Program of Study

3.2 Holds


3.1 Fees (all fees are in U.S. dollars)

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APPLICATION — A $60.00 non-refundable application fee is required to submit an application. This fee can be paid by credit card or online check. In the case of a paper application, a check or money order is required. The application fee will not be waived, deferred, or refunded for any reason. The application fee must be paid before the application will be processed (See Board of Regents Policy).

TUITION — Tuition fees reflect estimated costs for tuition, fees and other charges. These estimated costs are subject to change. Additionally, there may be additional fees for specific programs. See department website.  Tuition for an out-of-state student is higher than a Montana resident.  To find out how to change residency in order to gain in-state status, See Residency Policy.

TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT — A one-time $50 training and development fee is charged for orientation, training and development. The orientation is mandatory and covers the following topics: FERPA, Residency, Title IX, Office of Research Compliance & Ethical Conduct, Disability Services,Veteran Services, and other important information necessary for all new graduate students.

This fee also covers a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) training held by The Graduate School. This training is encouraged for a GTA seeking additional training.  Training may include the following topics: Teaching on D2L, Using Technology in the Classroom, Effective Teaching Styles, The Do’s and Don’ts of being a GTA, and so forth.

Note: Attendance at MSU freshman orientation is not a substitute for graduate student orientation.

PROGRAM OF STUDY —  A one-time $50.00 fee is charged upon approval of a student’s Graduate Program of Study & Committee form. 

AUDIT — A $20.00 fee is charged each time a student submits an Graduation Application form.

GRADUATION — A one-time $30.00 fee is charged the first time a student submits a Graduation Application form.

3.2 Holds

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Several types of holds may be administered during the admissions process and also during the course of the student’s graduate career. Holds are listed in the graduate student’s MyInfo portal.

TRANSCRIPT — Official transcript(s) is required by The Graduate School. The Graduate School will place a hold preventing the student’s ability to register. See Conditional Admission.

EXAMINATION SCORES — If a student has not submitted an official required score report, e.g., Graduate Records Exam (GRE), English proficiency (TOEFL/IELTS), The Graduate School will place a hold preventing the student’s ability to register.

IMMUNIZATION/TUBERCULOSIS (TB) SCREENING — Official immunization and TB screening forms are required by Student Health Service for every student, including online-only students.  Student Health Service will place a hold preventing registration.  See Student Health Service or call 406.994.2311.

STUDENT ACCOUNTS & BILLING — Student Accounts may place a hold preventing the student’s ability to register for reasons such as unpaid fees. See Student Accounts, or email studentaccounts@montana.edu.

GRADUATE PROGRAM OF STUDY — A program of study is required by the application deadline (See Certificate Program of Study, Master’s Program of Study or Doctoral Program of Study). The Graduate School will place a hold preventing the student’s ability to register.

OTHERS — Various other holds may be placed on a student’s ability to register.

See Intent to Register.
See Probation and/or Suspension