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Before you can register, you will need to accept the offerthrough the admissions portalIf you have already accepted your offer, the Graduate School will process your request within to 5 days, then email you a link back to this page.

Space is limited, consider applying at Family & Graduate Housing as soon as possible after receiving your offer of admission. FGH will need to know your preferred arrival date. 
If you were interested living off-campus and need help, please see this helpful Off Campus Housing site from OffCampus Marketpace. To be able to use this site, you will need to secure your  MSU Net ID. 

1. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REGISTER for classes UNTIL you clear all holds:

  • ALL STUDENTS will have an Immunization & Tuberculosis Hold  which will prevent registration. Use the following link to download the forms you will need to submit to Student Health Service. If you have any questions, be sure to direct them to: Student Health Service, The Graduate School cannot assist with any Student Health Services holds. If you choose, you can complete the forms and email them to: [email protected]
  • SOME students will have been admitted on a Conditional AdmissionIf so, it may mean that you are missing certain official documents that may inhibit your ability to register, such as with official transcripts. 

2. Before you get started on Registering, take a look at the following links:

NOTE: If you are not allowed to register for a course due to prerequisites, please contact the department offering the course. The department will need to determine if you met the prerequisites and then can assist with your registration. 

3. Steps to Registering as a Graduate Student:

We want to make registration at MSU a simple process. Step-by-step instructions for our online registration system are provided below; please read and follow each step. 

  1. Go to and click on “My Info.” If you do not see "MyInfo" along the top bar- to the right of the MSU logo, select the "students" option in the upper left side of your screen.
  2. Click on “Log into MyInfo.”
  3. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS at the top of the MyInfo page! 
  4. Once logged in, select the "Student Services Tab"
    1. Click on “Registration.”
    2. Click on "Select Term" and verify that your term of admission is selected; then click "Submit."
    3. Click on “Add/Drop Classes.”
    4. Click on “Select Term” and select appropriate term. If in a certificate program and prompted for an Alternate Pin Number, please enter 423185

(NOTE: Pins are not required for non-degree or National Teachers Enhancement Network) . 

    1. Find your course(s) by clicking on “Class Search” and add the course(s) to your class schedule by entering the 5-digit Course Registration Number (CRN).
    2. Recheck your registration for accuracy by clicking on “Student Detail Schedule.”

4. NetID & Email Address:

Please follow the following links where you can acquire your MSU Net ID or MSU email addressYou will need both as an active graduate student (i.e., someone who is enrolled) at MSU.

5. Orientation: 

As a new graduate student to MSU, you will be registered for the new graduate student training and orientation, typically about 1 month before the start of term. You will see the course appear in your Brightspace platform. This training covers topics such as: FERPA, Residency, Title IX, Office of Research Compliance & Ethical Conduct, Disability Services, Veteran Services, and other important information necessary for all new graduate students.

There are three parts to the training, a welcome from our dean, the above section, and a third directed to new Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA). If you are not a GTA or a GRA, you can disregard this portion. We encourage all new GTA's to review the material, as it covers topics such as Teaching on D2L, Using Technology in the Classroom, Effective Teaching Styles, The Do’s and Don’ts of Being a GTA.

6. Cat Card: 

The CatCard is your identification card for Montana State University-Bozeman. You can use the CatCard to enter buildings, such as the Renne Library, access Rec. Sports & Fitness Center (when applicable), and other areas on campus.  As a new graduate student, you were automatically charged a $15.00 fee. Please take a valid government-issued photo ID with you to the CatCard office. A CatCard cannot be issued without photo verification.

7. Cost of Courses and Paying your Bill:

Please see the following links for information on:

8. Deferring your start term:

This request must be made in writing to both The Graduate School and the admitting department (email is acceptable). If approved, a deferral can be for up to one (1) year (two (2) terms, not including summer term.

Note: Some departments will not allow a newly admitted student to defer their starting term.


Steps to completing a certificate at MSU.
Link to MSU's Graduate School Policy and Procedures.


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