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Photo of Lach Perks, Spring 2017 Orser Speaker

Lachlan (Lach) Perks

TITLE: "A Practical Guide to International Business Development"

Monday, March 20

Public Presentation: 5:00-6:30 pm
Location: Jabs Hall 111

MSU Calendar:

About the Presentation

Lach will share his experiences and knowledge obtained while he built and led a global manufacturer of Industrial Combustion Equipment. Lach progressed in his career from a construction project engineer to industrial product development engineer and then into Sales and Marketing before finally getting his opportunity to lead Eclipse Inc., in 2006 as Chief Operating Officer.

Eclipse Inc., grew under his leadership into a company that has manufacturing facilities in 6 different countries and sales in every industrialized country of the world. His most recent experience was launching a wholly owned venture in China starting in 2003.

Through this experience he developed a unique, practical, guide to success within a variety of countries and cultures while building Eclipse’s international presence. The company grew during his 10 plus year leadership tenure from $85m to $125m using a combination of strategic acquisitions, product/business line development and international business development. The company was subsequently sold in late 2014.

About the Orser Speaker:

Lach grew up in Northern Illinois raised on a Hereford and Cutting horse ranch. He graduated from Montana State University in 1979 with a B.S. in Construction Engineering. Following graduation, he began his career as a project engineer with a small construction company in his home town focused on excavation/site work, road construction as well as sewer and water line construction. In 1981 he made the move into his families manufacturing business as a development engineer. He eventually led the development of a significant new product line for the company and subsequently “followed” that product line into the field as its product manager leading to a successful transition into sales and marketing. He built much of his sales and marketing career around his ability to actively “hear” the problems of the customers around the world and create unique yet reliable solutions to their most pressing business problems. This finally led to his promotion to leadership of the entire company.

During his leadership tenure Eclipse grew it sales by 50% as well as its profitability by 50%. As the company’s leader Lachlan developed a world class team that was successful in implementing strategic acquisitions, launching entire new lines of business and creating an efficient and homogenous network of Sales engineering offices and manufacturing locations worldwide using the mantra of “One World, One Voice, One Eclipse”. This team harmonized its solutions and its culture such that customers could always rely on the same excellent products, service and quality from anyone, anywhere in the world of Eclipse.

Throughout his career he continued his education culminating with the award as “Executive Scholar” presented by the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University in Chicago.

Finally, following the successful sale of Eclipse (now part of Honeywell), Lach and Jan retired from active business leadership and re-established themselves as ranchers with operations at their original home in Rockford, Illinois as well as an operation near Fort Worth, Texas. Today, Lach focuses his time on managing the ranches, competing on cutting horses and serving on a variety of boards. He also actively mentors other chief executives at several small company’s and Non-Profit organizations.

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