The MSU JJCBE’s David Orser Executive Speakers Forum is named for David B. Orser, a 1966 MSU graduate who started funding the program in 1988 in order to inspire MSU business students to pursue careers as innovative, responsible, and ethical business leaders.

These events are FREE and open to the public!

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Past Speakers:

Arthur Peterson                            

David Oreck

Joseph Wells

Gerald Searfoss

John Goodrich

J. Luther King

Sam McDonald

James Alderson

Martin White

Paul Stewart

Christopher Disher

Dana Lasher

Jonathan Howlett

Mary Perry

Delmar Jones

Lyle Knight

Investment Panel (4 speakers)

Andrew Field

Alan Rypinski

Ian B. Davidson

Jeff Sundheim

Stu Bohart

Richard Broome

Richard "Bob" Chickering

M.H. Elovitz

Ashley Jablow

Kristy Young

Marty McVey

Gerald Grinstein

Tim Solso

Lachlan Perks

Nicole Jones

Rich Barton







David Orser
FALL 2018


Wednesday, October 17

Public Presentation: 5:30-7:00 pm
Location: Jabs Hall 111

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