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Dining with Diabetes

In 2017, over 64,000 Montana adults aged 18 years and older reported having diagnosed type 2 diabetes. Dining with Diabetes is a National Extension program that Montana State University Extension Agents piloted during Spring 2019 to manage their own or that of a family member’s diabetes through nutrition education. Participants also learn to prepare healthy, well-balanced meals without compromising taste.

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 View the 2019 Dining with Diabetes Program Impact Summary Report

Four 2-hour classes that are held once a week with a 2 month follow up (5 total classes) which include:

  • presentations on diabetes self-care and healthful food choices
  • taste tests, demonstrations, and hands-on diabetes friendly cooking experiences
  • connections to local health providers who can further assist with diabetes management

Contact the MSU Extension agent in your county for upcoming classes, resources, and registration opportunities

Cascade County DWD Course:

A series of four classes, cooking demonstrations will help you learn healthy techniques to use in your own kitchen. Program includes sampling healthy foods and discussion with a dietician or certified diabetes educator.

Dates: Wed, Feb. 2, 9, 16, 23
Time: 11:30 am - 1 pm
Location: MSU Extension Cascade County, 3300 3rd St NE #9, Great Falls, MT
Cost: Free

For more information on this class please contact Katrin Finch at MSU Extension Cascade County, 406-454-6980 or [email protected]
cascade county dining with diabetes class info

Trained DWD Class Leaders and Locations:

Name Location Dining with Diabetes Class Leader
Jeanette Allday Sanders County x
Tara Andrews Custer County x
Alice Burchak Toole County x
Jasmine Carbajal Hill County x
Katrin Finch Cascade County x
Sheila Friedrich Sheridan County x
Carrie Krug Richland County x
Holly Miner Big Horn County x
Brianna Routh MSU- Bozeman x
Roubie Younkin Valley County x




4-Health program was developed to assist parents/guardians in making lasting changes that are significant in improving preteen and family health, while respecting the constraints of busy schedules and addressing the unique aspects of a rural lifestyle.  Resources are available if you would like to use this program in your community.  

4-Health Program Details and Resources


Cooking Courses

MSU Extension offices across Montana offer a variety of cooking classes.  Contact your local MSU Extension office to find the most up-to-date information and class registration information for classes in your area.

Learn how to incorporate MyPlate into meals across the world in this monthly series. You will learn how to cook recipes found in specific cultures, history of cooking, and other kitchen topics including knife skills, food safety and more!

Learn to use electric and/or stove top pressure cookers to create your meals faster than conventional cooking methods. Classes provide samples of pressure cooked foods, recipes, and safety information.  

Learn to safely use this essential kitchen tool.  Course instructors demonstate proper use, storage, and sharpening techniques for a variety of knives.  

Children (and their parents) can learn the basics of cooking and nutrition.  We cover basic kitchen safety, safe food storage and handling, and introduce easy-to-cook, healthy recipes.  Start a lifetime of healthy and safe habits with this great class for families.  For children age 10 and up.  


 canned apricot jam and apricots

Food Preservation Courses

Learn to preserve foods from drying, freezing, and fermentation best practices to using research approved methods for water bath, steam, or pressure canning. Many classes provide hands-on practice, answer questions, and provide research-based recipes.  For questions or more information see our MSU Extension Food Preservation webpage and for available courses please contact the MSU Extension agent in your county.




asparagus washing

asparagus chopped

asparagus ready to cook

Food Fact Sheets 

From apples to zucchini, these food fact sheets created by MSU Extension will provide you valuable growing, harvesting, selection, storage, nutrition, prep, and processing information.  For questions or more information please contact the MSU Extension agent in your county.